Having fun on the Outer Banks

Ale Cider Lager Malt Non-Alcoholic Stout

Having fun on the Outer Banks is an easy thing to do. Add to it sun, sand, sea and beer; well, you just increased the enjoyment factor by 10. When it comes to beer on the Outer Banks, BrewThru is the place to go to pick up your favorite beer or ale. With their 5 locations in Corolla, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head and Jockey’s Ridge no wonder they are called “the original drive thru convenience store.

When you are in a hurry to have some fun in the sun on the Outer Banks and you want to get there fast to take it slow, Brew Thru is the place to go. You can drive into the store itself without ever having to get out of your car and chose from so many selections of beer, wine and refreshments and snacks that you sill never go empty handed and you will pull away feeling well taken care of by knowledgeable staff.

Beer on the Outer Banks is meant to be enjoyed without the hassle of going into the grocery stores and having to wait in long lines at the checkout. Just come to one of our stores and get exactly what you need and be on y our way. At BrewThru we know that you want to spend as much time having fun while on vacation as possible, we are here to make that happen.